Tuesday, 8 November 2016

We need your help!

We have made substantial investment and improvements to the golf course in the past 24 months, in particular the greens. Along with the STRI on board we have been able to improve the greens which you will see the benefits of during the winter months aswell with reduced thatch it makes them playable all year round. I hope you all agree?...........

Unfortunately we are seeing in this early part of winter a large amount of un repaired pitchmarks which will cause long term damage to the greens. A successfully repaired pitch marks however, can heal within twice the time it takes for a half-hearted attempt, let alone a unrepaired pitch mark. At this time of year the players are mainly members so we know where they are coming from, lets protect our great course and help to make it even better.

“Pitchmarks cause more damage than ANY disease or weather condition. Left unrepaired, pitch marks not only make a green look bad, they also interfere with putts. A properly repaired ball mark takes only a few days to heal. An unrepaired or improperly repaired mark can take three/four weeks! Please put a pitch fork in your pocket and repair any marks you see”

Please please please could all players take some time to have a look for their pitchmark, and in doing so repair any others that are on the green which will lead to a quicker recovery.

Thank you in advance
David Bell
Greens Chairman

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