Monday, 5 June 2017

This week whilst cutting the 16th green, the mower picked up a stone which severely bent the cutting blades, this halted progress for the day and the week.
A nice early present for Peter on his return from holiday, as you can see above from the picture the cutting blades needed grinding off and sharpening ready for cutting.

This is just one of the many interruptions that can effect the day to day runnings of the preparations of the golf course.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

This Sunday, 4th June we have a carvery starting from 13:00. Book early as it is filling up quickly
Pitch Mark Repairing
If you repair a pitch mark badly it can actually do a lot more harm than if you had left it alone, so it's essential you know how to do it correctly
repair a pitch mark
Make sure you can repair a pitch mark correctly
If you repair a pitch mark badly it can actually do a lot more harm than if you had left it alone, so it’s essential you know how to do it correctly.
It’s not just for the sake of the greens either, there is nothing more infuriating for a golfer than to see a perfect putt knocked off line, especially through no fault of their own.
But it is alarming how many golfers seemingly neglect to repair a pitch mark, don’t know how to repair a pitch mark in the correct way, or perhaps think they are not allowed to because of the Rules of Golf.
As you can see below, the end product of a badly repaired pitch mark is an ugly brown scar left on the green that not only looks awful, but that also affects the roll of yours and other peoples’ putts.

repair a pitch mark
A badly repaired pitch mark
Successfully repaired pitch marks however, can heal within twice the time it takes for a half-hearted attempt, and look more like the images below.

repair a pitch mark

A correctly repaired pitch mark
A nice picture of the flowers behind the 15th green. Amazing what increased feed and rainfall does to a area.
15th hole looking fantastic, thankfully we have had some rain recently which has seen major growth. The long lasting fertiliser is kicking in and the whole surroundings of the greens are thickening up, this fertiliser has a five month span which will see through the summer.

After a recent problem with the irrigation, a outside contractor had damaged a leading pipe and it was 1 week without any water on the whole course, thankfully plenty rainfall did not effect the course condition.

Friday, 5 May 2017

 The greenstaff are top dressing and over seeding the greens.

We have laid over 600 meter square of turf from the work over the winter, due to very dry conditions we have had to water these in on a daily basis otherwise the grass would curl and die off. within a week or so this will have been knitted in nicely and cutt.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

The new starters hut looks fantastic, landscaped by our very own Chris Hunter from the green staff. A lot of hard work, well done and thanks Chris.