Monday, 12 September 2016

Golf course winter work 2016


1.  Finalise the work on the 7th bridge
2.  Relay the path with turf left hand side of the 1st green and 2nd tee box
3.  Bale the long rough on the course
4.  Turf all bare areas on the course
5. continue to clear the area for the new 6th men’s medal tee

1. Clear the hedges in front of the 8th tee also
   Clear the hedge from opposite the ladies 10th
    Tee round to the electric pole
 2. Remove the willow trees that surround the
     Pond on the 11th hole
 3. Remove some of the trees to the left of the
     9th green {to let more light on to the green]
 4. Remove potentially all the large conifers to
     The left of the 14th fairway bunker this will
     Improve the soil structure around the area
  5. Carry out pruning to other various trees
      Around the golf course
     All the work will be subject to the weather

                    Dave bell chair of greens

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