Monday, 18 April 2016

Julian Shanks, assistant head greenkeeper is trialing a new greens mower, which will give the greens a tighter smoother roll. Here is is on the putting green testing it. The machine is lighter and gives a slightly less compaction whilst mowing.

Peter was very impressed with the latest technology and we have purchased this mower.

Mark verti draining the 18th fairway. We are doing as much as possible to alleviate water retention on the course. It is not the ideal time to be doing it as ground conditions are wet and it's not relieving much compaction. This process is very slow and at 1km/hour takes time!, in fact to so 18 holes around the whole course is nearly a 3 week process. After a couple of days we saw a remarkable difference and the fairways were drying out very quickly.

Most golfers will notice that although the weather has been very poor this winter that the fairways have dried out pretty weel, the areas of concern have been the rough and areas from tee to fairway.


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