Monday, 25 May 2015


The STRI Report form April of this year (2015) focussed on our greens and identified thatch as a primary concern.

Thatch is excessive organic matter accumulation reducing surface drainage and root development, resulting in unhealthy turf and poor playing performance.

The recommended most appropriate method of renovating the greens early in the season includes a combination of verticutting, solid tining, micro hollow tining, top dressing and overseeding.

The importance of applying sufficient levels of sand top dressing to the greens throughout the year were highlighted during the visit; with the aim to help dilute organic matter and smooth out/speed-up the surfaces. A significant increase in sand top dressing levels is strongly recommended moving forward and our aims should be to apply a minimum total of 120 tonnes this year.

Members will hopefully be understanding that a little short term pain caused by regular tining and top dressing will lead to longer term gain with improved playability for more of the year.

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  1. Played on Sat and I am the first to point out the flaws in the course but I can see all the hard work thats going in to the course and its starting to look A LOT better. keep it up... Definition in the course, attention to detail, greens are improving Well done lads it all gets noticed.